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We reached over 200 Institutions in over 3 countries including India.

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About Pupilpod

Pupilpod is a technology Platform for education, for both its operational and educational needs.

Pupilpod for Higher Education

Pupilpod is a one of a kind School Management Software provides ERP solution for Schools & Colleges. It automates completely the student life cycle and supports activities of students, faculties, staff, parents and guardians. This is a feature rich, configurable platform which is created remembering different complex procedure of Universities and colleges.

Pupilpod for K12

Pupilpod takes a view of the processes followed by a school in its entirety and enables them to be streamlined. It helps in reducing the time spent, saves cost and enhances the experience of all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem.

Pupilpod value to Parents & Students

Secure personalized login credentials for every student and parent by empowering them to monitor and track their ward’s progress reports, results, attendance and many more.

Pupilpod is a Technology Platform
For Education institutions

Both its operational and educational needs.
We have reached over 200 Institutions 🙂

Data Security

We take data security seriously and take all necessary steps to protect customer data. Pupilpod uses multiple levels of security to keep the data and customer generated files and code safe and secure.

Best Support & Updates

Team Pupilpod is always available to offer support to help with any issue you encounter or answer any questions you may have about pupilpod. Pupilpod follows a Customer focused approach, which is constantly being updated based on the data driven by our customer and their feedback.


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